LAGO 4.14 available now!

Dear Customers,

Finally, spring has arrived and nature is showing itself at its most beautiful and colorful. At Comosoft, of course, we used the dreary time of winter to prepare LAGO for spring with a large colorful bouquet of new functionalities and improvements. The goal is to continue to enable you to work efficiently and sustainably in your production.

Of course, we have also taken into account current events and have done a lot in the area of IT and system security. Just think of the world’s biggest hacker attack, “Wanna Cry”, which affected over 200,000 systems into 150 countries. With the LAGO 4.14 version we have done a lot to close as many doors as possible to the destructive potential of malicious software.

Some of the highlights of our new developments are listed below, as you can see in our release notes. Of course, our customer service team is at your disposal for any questions you may have.

We wish you pleasure in discovering and trying out our new features and are at your disposal should you require any help or further information.

Best Wishes,
Peter Jozefiak
Managing Director

Important Notice:

As the update from LAGO 4.13 to LAGO 4.14 requires several new servlets together with a significant change in the configuration files needed for the existing servlets we recommend all customers to contact comosoft support for assistance prior to upgrading.


JAVA 1.8 compliance
With the release of LAGO 4.14.1, LAGO is fully compliant with the JAVA 1.8 code structure and therefore requires the installation of JAVA 8 for both client and server based applications.

Import of Article references
The creation of article to article links for existing articles within LAGO is now possible via the standard import.

Quality of correction documents & previews
LAGO now offers the ability to use inbuilt InDesign functionality to provide more granular control over the quality of JPG files for correction documents and document previews.

Article assigned asset usage in component templates
LAGO now offers the ability to use the assigned assets from the selected article automatically when placing a component template which contains one or more asset frames.

Correction documents in Proof (HTML5) from Explorer
The functionality to open a correction document in the LAGO Proof module directly from LAGO Explorer is now available on systems using the HTML5 version of the Proof module.

Extended XMP support
The support of XMP Metadata for assets has been extended to include the “Rights Usage Terms”.

Merged table cells
The automatic merging of table cells with the same content within object tables is now available in the LAGO Plugin for Adobe InDesign.

Asset Synchronization
An automatic export of asset data when defined changes are made to an asset is now available and can be used to synchronize the asset information from one LAGO system to another LAGO system or with an external MAM system.

Security – Backbone/Link
A range of new security features have been introduced in LAGO 4.14.1. The database connection information has been removed from the properties files served by the LagoConfigServer, authentication of users is now performed via a new service LAGO Link and not directly against the database. It is also possible to restrict access to files such as asset previews or asset orders in the LAGO FS file server to authorized users only.

Enhancements to Proof module
A range of enhancements have been made to the HTML5 Proof module including the introduction of a hand tool for navigation within a document, the ability to printout multiple documents together with their correction lists, printing of certified documents from the Proof view as well as a streamlining of the Bridge within the module.

User management
Possibility in Admin Extend to lock and unlock user accounts.

Automatic creation of entity references
In addition to the automatic import of article references, it is also possible to automatically create/update references of a specific category for existing entities using predefined values which exist as attributes on both entities. This can either be manually triggered for a selected project or run automatically at timed intervals.

Status based export in Element workflow
The element workflow now offer the ability to trigger a data export when the workflow status of an element is changed.

Coming Soon – InDesign CC2017
We are currently working on providing a LAGO Plugin for Adobe InDesign CC2017 and plan to release this in the very near future.

QuarkXPress 8.5
QuarkXPress 8.5 is no longer officially supported by LAGO and we are unable to provide XTensions for this version. QuarkXPress 9.5 remains supported.

Internet Explorer 11
With LAGO 4.15 we no longer provide support for the Internet Explorer 11 version on Windows, support for the Microsoft Edge browser will replace this.


LAGO Installer 4.14.1-20170602
LAGO Explorer

LAGO WebServices
LAGO MessageBus
LAGO Backbone
LAGO FS 3.1.28
LAGO RemoteDB 1.1.7
LAGO ConfigServer 1.3.8