LAGO 4.15 is available now!

Dear LAGO users,

With the evenings becoming colder, and the sun’s warmth becoming noticeably less, Fall, the most colorful and colorful season, already has one foot in the door.

People take this season in very different ways. Many see the beginning of Fall as the end of the summer and the coming of winter. A season characterized by strongly changing weather, storms, rain and falling leaves. However other people enjoy the Fall in all its colorful appearance.

We at Comosoft belong to the second group of people. We appreciate the many fruits that ripen in Fall, enjoy the bright autumnal flowers and brightly colored forests.

These autumnal scenarios fit to the Comosoft Fall Release of LAGO 4.15 from our 4 Seasons release cycle. In addition to the obligatory functional improvements, this Fall release again offers a series of great new features: .

  • LAGO 4.15 supports the Adobe InDesign and Photoshop CC2017.
  • The extension of the LAGO FS allows you to check and restore the integrity of the database more easily.
  • Element layouts are even more dynamic, e.g. when picking up over picture components.
  • Deleted assets can now be easily re-activated via the Hotfolder import.
  • We have been working on the performance of the Proof module and now cache the correction documents.

Enjoy the fall and coming seasons and wait with suspense for the X-Mas release, as the last release of the 4-Seasons cycle in 2017.

Of course, we are at your disposal, as always, with advice and help and will be happy to introduce you to the new features.

Autumn greetings from Hamburg,
Peter Jozefiak
Managing Director


CC2017 Support
LAGO 4.15.1 supports the latest CC2017 versions of Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.

Shop hierarchy import
The standard import has been enhanced to allow shop hierarchies together with shop user fields to be imported into specific projects.

Rulebased Catchword-Assignments
The assignment of catchwords is no longer a manual process and can be performed automatically based upon user defined rules.

Enhanced visibility of changes
A new “Annotations” function allows for components modified during document open to be marked within the document.

Text editor
The editor for text components can now be accessed directly from the Layout module.

Various element layout enhancements
A number of enhancements have been made in the Element layout including the ability to automatically copy the used component templates from one template to another when copying element layouts.

Enhanced hotfolder import
LAGO now offers the ability to logically deleted assets or reactivate logically deleted assets via a hotfolder import.

Performance improvements in Proof module
To improve performance correction documents will no longer be loaded from the LAGO FS every time they are opened unless the file has been updated in the meantime.

Article reference enhancements
The article references functionality has been enhanced to allow references to be created globally across all projects, across all variants of a project or just within a single variant of a project. Additionally, it is now possible to import references as part of the standard import.

LAGO FS enhancement
The integrity check within the LAGO FS has been enhanced to allow it to automatically clean up database records for files which are missing in the LAGO FS instead of just marking them as missing.


LAGO Installer 4.15.1-20171009
LAGO Explorer

LAGO WebServices
LAGO MessageBus
LAGO Backbone
LAGO FS 3.1.31
LAGO RemoteDB 1.1.9