LAGO 4.16 is available now!

Dear users,

We wish you a healthy and successful start to the year 2018!

The Christmas season is always a good time to break out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and recharge your batteries for the challenges of the new year. Time stands still from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve and we allow ourselves the time to concentrate on our personal lives and our families. We hope you succeeded!

We at Comosoft took a short break and have been working hard on the new LAGO release. On the one hand, we have focussed on the latest software versions from our partners, such as Apple and Adobe, and on the other hand, we could hardly wait to deliver our newly developed LAGO features. Because once again with the release LAGO 4.16, we have highly interesting functionalities that make your production even more transparent, efficient and above all easier.

A selection of the highlights can be found here. As always, a comprehensive list of all new features can be found in the Release Notes.

  • Support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra
    The use of the latest macOS 10.13 “High Sierra” is supported with the release of LAGO 4.16.
  • InDesign CC2018 Support
    LAGO 4.16 also sees the introduction of support for the latest Adobe CC versions of InDesign and Photoshop (CC2018).
  • Export for CX epaper
    A new functionality is available in LAGO with which LAGO documents can be exported for CX ePaper systems.
  • HTML5 Proof enhancements
    The HTML5 based Proof module has been enhanced to allow the use of bleeds within the proof documents. Additionally when the user closes the last open proof document the view will automatically navigate back to the view that the proof document was opened from.
  • Asset usage in Template Master Pages
    When viewing the usage of assets in the asset light table of LAGO Explorer and LAGO Pict it is now possible to also display the usage within master pages of LAGO template documents.
  • Enhancements to Structure Definition import
    The structure definition import has been extended to allow the importation of LAGO scripts when defining fields and properties as well as directly setting the mandatory flag when assigning article properties to article types.
  • Import of Shop Structure
    The standard import now supports the import of a shop hierarchy structure and shop user fields directly to a project.
  • Multi-Selection for component deletion
    The user is now able to select multiple components for deletion in a single action in the Available components section within the bridge in the Layout module instead of having to delete each one individually.
  • Reset image scaling on element layout application
    If an asset component is picked up from one project to another and in the new project a different element layout, with automatic resizing of existing components, is applied to the element as in the source project, the scaling of the content of the asset component will be set back to that of the component template.

We hope you enjoy using the new features and greetings from Hamburg.

Peter Jozefiak
Managing Director

LAGO Installer 4.16.1-20180108
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LAGO FS 3.1.31
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