LAGO 4.17 is available now!

Dear users,

Hard to believe but it’s true, spring has finally arrived in Germany. It’s as if someone has flipped the switch, or changed the configuration from spring “NO” to spring “YES”. Suddenly, the temperature has risen, the trees are blossoming and everyone is enjoying what is probably the most beautiful season.

But even the dark winter months had their charm for Comosoft. We have used the last three cold and damp months to be able to offer you further improvements within LAGO. From the opening of InDesign documents from LAGO Web to the consolidation of our security component LAGO Link, the Release 4.17.1 offers some great functions, which make working with LAGO even more efficient and safer for everyone.

Speaking of security and in the current case data security, the current Facebook incident has got all of us thinking. “Data is the oil of the 21st century” and as careful as the resource oil used to be handled in the past, so is the need to work carefully with sensitive data today. Yes, personal data is the new treasure and the great thing about it, this treasure is not finite, on the contrary!

We will show you how to get the most benefit out of this treasure for your business at our customer event Blueprint on April 18th in Hamburg.

We look forward to welcoming you in Hamburg and until then we wish you all the best,

Peter Jozefiak
Managing Director

  • Open document in layout application
    The function from LAGO Explorer to open a document from the document list directly in the layout application, has been added to the Layout module in LAGO Web. The function works via the download mechanism of your browser.
  • Switch-outs in HTML5 Proof
    The HTML5 Proof module now offers the ability to show switch-out documents for correction documents to allow users to quickly identify the differences between the current document variant and the base variant.
  • Enhancements to compression logic
    The document compression has been enhanced to also take differences in the Element properties into consideration when compressing document variants.
  • Element previews with transparency
    Those customers using the element preview functionality can now benefit from a change in the format being used for the preview images, as of LAGO 4.17.1 the preview images will be saved as a png format file with transparency.
  • Handling of asset components
    The functionality to reset the size of a component to the size of the component template when applying an element layout has been enhanced to also apply the behavior during first placement defined in the component template to the asset within asset components. This is designed for cases where components are placed in a different sized element layout after a component pickup and the asset frame is scaled.
  • Java Support
    The LAGO Explorer and LAGO Pict applications are now capable of running with the latest Java 8 (161) update or a JAVA 9 installation.
  • Consolidation of Web Servlets
    The functionality contained in the LAGO Link and LAGO Backbone servlets has been consolidated into a single servlet which retains the name LAGO Link.

LAGO Installer 4.17.1-20180409
LAGO Explorer

LAGO Plugin for Adobe Acrobat

LAGO Plugin for Adobe Photoshop 3.2.17

LAGO WebServices
LAGO MessageBus
LAGO ConfigServer 1.3.8
LAGO FS 3.1.31
LAGO RemoteDB 1.1.12