LAGO 4.18 is available now!

Dear LAGO users,

We were all ready for the 2018 summer fairytale and the gods above have smiled upon us. We had a spring and currently a summer that leaves nothing to be desired from north to south and from east to west. Summer temperatures and bright blue skies invite you to cheer for the national football teams. But one thing became clear recently, Germany could not tap into their full footballing potential and prematurely departed from the World Cup.

Knowing your potential is one thing, but accessing and building from your potential is something more and this is where we from Comosoft come into play.

In our summer fairytale release we also offer a variety of improvements and new functions with LAGO 4.18, which enable you to produce your advertising material even more efficiently, whether print or digitally.

Here we have worked different areas of the software. Starting with the system performance, to new functionalities up to the user handling, we can present you many innovations with this release.

Just go through the listed release notes and find out for yourself which improvement or new function can be of use to you and, of course, our Customer Service is available for further questions at any time.

Greetings from sunny Hamburg,

Peter Jozefiak
Managing Director

  • Improved performance when saving documents
    LAGO now offers the ability to offload the creation of thumbnails and previews when saving a layout document to the InDesign Server instead of creating them directly when saving.
  • Selective application of placement rules
    The LAGO plugin for InDesign has been enhanced to allow the evaluation of placement rules to be turned off for individual elements within a document, this prevents the finished layout of an element from being changes whilst allowing other elements on the document to update.
  • Enhancements to compression logic
    The compression logic has been adapted to allow the creation of content variants if different variants of a document are assigned to different folio versions and have different folio values as a result. This is necessary if the folio placeholder is placed within the document.
  • Asset assignments via XML
    The XML asset import is now capable of performing asset to article assignments based upon values defined in article fields or in the properties assigned to an article.
  • XML export with element previews
    The XML export can now be configured to also export the element previews which were created when saving the document.
  • Transparent assets
    The creation of thumbnails and previews has been adapted when processing assets with transparency to use a grayscale background so that white assets are now fully visible in the thumbnails and previews.
  • Adaptable thumbnail sizes
    LAGO now allows the size of the thumbnails for components and assets in the bridge of the Layout module to be defined in the central configuration.
  • Lago FS configuration
    The functionality for the definition and maintenance of Lago FS volumes has been added to the Admin Extend module.

LAGO Installer 4.18.1-20180702
LAGO Explorer

LAGO Plugin für Adobe Acrobat
LAGO Plugin für Adobe Photoshop 3.2.17

LAGO WebServices
LAGO MessageBus
LAGO ConfigServer 1.3.8
LAGO FS 3.1.31
LAGO RemoteDB 1.1.12