LAGO 5.1 is available now!

Dear LAGO users,

With the 2010 release of LAGO4, Comosoft set a global industry standard in omnichannel media production.

In addition to the release of LAGO4, 2010 saw the launch of other major innovations from worold renowned innovative tech manufacturers. Apple delivered unique and forward-looking products to the market and consumers: the iPad was released in January 2010 and they went on to make headlines again in June with the release of the iPhone4. Who does not remember “Antennagate” and Apple’s legendary reaction to the design flaw of the antenna!? Facebook announced that they had reached the 500 million members mark and NASA has been waiting for over 50 years for an answer from E.T.

All this is now over 8 years ago. Facebook has become an integral part of our global daily life and has over 2 billion users every day. Apple has now launched the 6th generation iPad and the iPhone has since reached 21 distinct model variations. Only NASA is still waiting …

Comosoft continued to further perfect LAGO4 to meet the needs of the market. But with the publication of today’s newsletter, the time has come and we are proud to announce the next innovation leap from LAGO. Today, with LAGO5, we are publishing the logical conclusion of the last 8 years and are responding to the technological trends of the global software and hardware industry.

By 2020, Adobe, Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. will no longer support Flash content. As smart as this technology used to be at the time of it’s release, this technology is so insecure today and offers major entry points for malicious software. By converting our flash modules to HTML5, we offer our customers the latest software standard and move with the times incorporating modern requirements, such as responsive design, mobile ease of use and security. In addition to switching to HTML5 technology, LAGO5 also offers great new and, above all, beneficial features.

Stay curious,

Greetings from Hamburg,

Peter Jozefiak
Managing Director

  • LAGO specific shortcuts
    With the introduction of LAGO 5 it is now possible to define shortcut keys in the LAGO Plugin for Adobe InDesign for specific LAGO actions or to open/hide LAGO palettes.
  • Highlights
    LAGO 5 provides additional functionality for the users working in InDesign by providing visual prompts when opening a document which highlight items which have been changed or moved in the document since it was last saved in InDesign, for example changes to placeholder values or newly placed or unplaced components.
  • LAGO Asset API
    LAGO 5 also introduces the initial collection of functionality in the LAGO Asset API which can be used to search for and retrieve assets from LAGO directly without the need for a client application.
  • Autopopulation
    The automatic page population functionality in LAGO has been reworked for LAGO 5 to provide more flexibility whilst eliminating the need to use page layouts as a base. Instead the revised functionality works with element layouts and allows for individual components to be repeated across multiple pages as well as allowing components to be split across multiple pages if they do not fit the available space on the first page on which they are placed.
  • Notification on import failure
    The asset import via XML ticket is now capable of sending an email notification to a defined user(s) if the import of an asset fails, for example if the asset does not meet the required settings for the selected asset type.
  • Simplified asset import
    The asset import in the LAGO Plugin for InDesign has been simplified, instead of having to navigate the import light table, clicking the button will now directly open a file picker where the user can select the file(s) to be uploaded.
  • Redesigned LAGO Plugin for InDesign
    The first steps for the redesign of LAGO 5 is available to see in the LAGO Plugin for InDesign, together with new splash screens, the icons in all LAGO palettes have been redesigned to give a new look. This will be transferred to other LAGO applications in upcoming releases/patches.
  • Extended PDF export
    The PDF export is now capable of copying the exported PDF from a head or content variant which represents a number of project variants into the variant folder for the equivalent variants, ensuring that the variant specific folder contains a PDF file for every document.
  • Enhanced calculator scripts
    The calculator scripting in LAGO has been extended to support the use of element properties.
  • Asset sync verification
    The recently introduced asset synchronization function which allows assets and asset data from one LAGO system to be synchronized with another LAGO system has been further enhanced to allow the primary LAGO system to verify that assets and asset data has been correctly synchronized to the secondary system(s) and to if necessary to re-synchronize assets if differences are detected.
  • Changes to supported versions
    With LAGO 5, support for Adobe InDesign and Photoshop CS6 and CC2015 has been deprecated.
    Additionally we are testing the latest macOS 10.14 Mojave operating system to ensure compatibility with LAGO 5 and will notify all customers once it is cleared for use.

LAGO Installer 5.1.1-20180924
LAGO Explorer
LAGO Layout
LAGO Plugin for Adobe Acrobat
LAGO Plugin for Adobe Photoshop 3.2.19

LAGO WebServices
LAGO MessageBus
LAGO ConfigServer 1.3.8
LAGO FS 3.1.31
LAGO RemoteDB 1.1.12