LAGO 5.3 is available now!

Dear customers,
Finally, Spring is just around the corner.
Spring is the epitome of change and renewal. This is the challenge we all have to face and we are not talking about hanging our winter clothes back in the closet and taking out our spring clothes. It is much more about the change in society and our way of thinking! Digitisation is the keyword, but this term does not cover what it means for us and our environment. It is always about efficiency, availability, sustainability, etc. .
All these issues are progressing rapidly and it is one of Comosoft’s tasks to ensure that we offer you suitable solutions with a sense of proportion.
We have all noticed that it is right to digitize everything that needs to be digitized, but exactly this strategy must also take into account our habits and behavior.
Because as J.M. Keynes said: “The biggest difficulty is not moving people to accept new ideas, but forgetting old ones”.
So forget about technologies like Flash or Adobe Acrobat! We have something better to offer.

Regards from Hamburg,

Peter Jozefiak
Managing Director

  • MAM – HTML5 available
    The HTML5 based replacement (MAM) for Asset in LAGO Web is now available. This application can be activated in the central configuration by adding ‘MODULE_MAM’ to the LAGO/WebCommon/EnabledModules entry.
  • PDF merging without the need for Adobe Acrobat
    The PDF merge functionality in the LAGO Automat is now capable of merging PDF files using native functionality from the operating system instead of requiring an Adobe Acrobat installation (Mac only).
  • Ability to create, edit and delete search folders for jobs in the HTML5 applications
    The jobs list in the HTML5 based LAGO Web applications has been enhanced to allow the creation, editing and deletion of user defined search folders.
  • Automatic assignment of elements to shops
    LAGO now offers the ability to automatically assign elements to shops based on the rules defined for the shops via a LAGO MessageBus plugin which will apply the rules for all shops in currently open projects.
  • Remove logically deleted elements from the page
    LAGO can now be configured to automatically set the working page and raster field number of logically deleted elements to ‘0’. This is extremely useful to prevent conflicts if new elements are imported to replace those which were logically deleted.
  • Annotations
    The Annotations functionality in the LAGO plugin for Adobe InDesign has been enhanced to allow the raster fields from the page layout to be displayed as either an overlay or and underlay within the InDesign document as a special, non-printable layer.
  • Scripting enhancement
    The LAGO scripting has been enhanced to allow the element level fields to be referenced within scripts at the article or price level.
LAGO Installer 5.3.1-20190311
LAGO Explorer
LAGO Layout
LAGO Plugin für Adobe Acrobat
LAGO Plugin für Adobe Photoshop 3.2.21
LAGO WebServices
LAGO MessageBus
LAGO ConfigServer 1.3.10
LAGO FS 5.3.1
LAGO RemoteDB 1.1.13