LAGO 5.5 is available now!

Dear customers,
Dear LAGO users,

Autumn is just around the corner as summer 2019 comes to an end.
With the beginning of the colorful season, life begins to pulsate again and pick up speed. This does not mean that Comosoft has “dangled its legs” during the summer. Quite the opposite! We have been hard at work this past summer developing many new features and functionalities for you, especially in the area of “Proofing” and “Whiteboard”. Additionally, we have implemented even more interesting innovations, allowing you to design the production of advertising material even more efficiently. With LAGO 5.5.1, you can easily compare correction documents and certified documents, or simply highlight and cross out text (just to name a few). Just ask us and we will be happy to explain the new possibilities that LAGO 5.5.1 offers you.

Many greetings from Hamburg,

Peter Jozefiak
Managing Director

  • LAGO Proof in PDF quality without Acrobat license costs
    LAGO Proof uses PDF documents to meet the highest quality standards for slim documents. Texts remain perfectly legible even when zooming in and out. This makes (the support of) Adobe Acrobat in LAGO obsolete and the original license costs associated with it unnecessary for our customers.
  • New correction tools in LAGO Proof
    LAGO offers two long missing text correction tools. Both text highlighting and text strikethrough are now possible. Both correction tools, like all other marks, can be labeled and provided with instructions.
  • LAGO Proof with Correction Marks in Element Context
    LAGO offers the possibility to link correction marks with a single element within a document. The correction marks are only visible in the variants in which the element exists, i.e. only in the correct context.
    The correction marks change position depending on where the element is moved to. If the element is deleted, the linked correction marks are also removed.
  • Document comparison in LAGO Proof
    In LAGO Proof it is possible to compare correction documents of different variants or certified documents with the help of a slider. This allows differences between variants or between the workflow status of a document to be visualized.
    All the user has to do is select two correction or certificates documents and click the “Compare” button. The documents are displayed one above the other in a comparison view. A slider below the documents allows you to show and hide the documents step by step in real time. A “Flip” button allows the first or second document to be faded in completely to allow a quick comparison between the states.
  • Subcategories for placement rules
    In LAGO Admin Extend it is possible to create subcategories for placement rules. This enables manual intervention in an otherwise fully automatic placement process.
    For example, you can manually adjust the size or color of price tags placed using the rules of an element layout. The edited price tags remain available for rule-based exchange processes.
  • Rule-based selection of element layouts in page layouts
    The page layout functionality has been enhanced to allow automatic selection and application of element layouts based on the evaluation of predefined rules. This functionality was implemented at the request of our customers at the last US user conference.
    Following the recent US User Conference, Comosoft conducted a survey among our customers to develop the LAGO API in the optimal order for our customers so that the API could be deployed as early as possible. This and a customer project resulted in the requirement to be the first to make the API available in the Assets area. Assets can be searched, modified and loaded via their properties as well as via their use in the article context.
  • Terminology
    In order to consolidate LAGO terminology and make it easier to understand, some terms have been adapted.Modules -> Applications
    User interface configuration -> Workspace
LAGO Installer 5.5.1-20190828
LAGO Explorer
LAGO Layout
LAGO Plugin for Adobe Acrobat is no
longer required.
LAGO Plugin for Adobe Photoshop 3.2.23
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LAGO ConfigServer 1.3.10
LAGO FS 5.5.2
LAGO RemoteDB 1.1.13