You have a top-of-the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. You also need to produce large numbers of complex retail catalogs and flyers. Does your catalog system take full advantage of all your managed assets?

LAGO from Comosoft is the best retail catalog builder on the planet—period. Ours is a complete management and production system for both print and online production, with tools for:

• Page Designers
• Web & Print Production Staff
• Product Line Managers
• Marketing & Sales Professionals
• IT Support Professionals

LAGO is fully integrated with your DAM—or your Marketing Asset Management (MAM) system. It includes the right version of each asset in pre-designed “blocks” of page content. If the asset is modified, the page updates automatically. In addition, LAGO also provides:

Integrated InDesign workflow—giving designers creative autonomy, accountability, AND greater efficiency with complex, SKU-based layouts.

„Powerful PIM integration—turning complex product data into well-designed circular/flyer pages, quickly and efficiently.

Complex „Versioning—no matter how many languages or regional variations your circulars/flyers require.

Third-party business system integration—LAGO lets your flyer production staff prioritize items with high margins, excess inventory, or high marketing priority.

To learn more about how LAGO can work with your PIM to optimize catalog production, schedule a call (or a demo) with your Comosoft representative.

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