Beyond standard software, we give our customers the flexibility they need to adapt LAGO optimally to the customer’s respective processes and organization.

We have been working with national as well as international commercial and industrial companies for over 20 years and know exactly what they need. This is why we also always offer our customers “the best of two worlds”: a standard software which can also be customized for existing processes and organizational structures. Our development teams are available to bring your new pioneering innovation up to “code”.

With innovative strength, passion and a sense of quality, we produce unique multichannel solutions based on our years of experience in national as well as international commerce. We and our customers value optimizing processes in B2B & B2C sales critical for your company by introducing digitization strategies.

We give our customers the flexibility to realign their IT management organization to their business targets. Our customers are thus given the necessary support they need to make strategic and tactical decisions.

Every company is unique – the optimum management of information relevant for advertising thus also demands one-of-a-kind solutions. We implement these solutions through our own custom unit. Customized solutions are facilitated, developed and implemented. Our customers are thus provided with a scalable and expandable solution based on a standard LAGO core.