Produce your digital catalogues and brochures with LAGO!

In digital publishing or cross-media publishing, a medium or several media formats can be automatically populated from a common data source.

With LAGO Digital Output we have created a functional package for your production, management and output of digital content, such as: Online catalogues and interactive brochures. With our Digital Output module you generate JPEGs or PDFs of LAGO InDesign pages together with an accompanying XML file containing information about the product link to the online shop (e.g.: overlay coordinates), as well as information about the project, its variants and product/offer details.

Digital brochures have become increasingly important for consumers’ offer research and purchase planning, especially in recent years due to the strong increase in mobile device use and thus the constant availability of information. To ensure that digital brochures and catalogues contain added value for consumers, the products displayed should also be clickable and have a link to the online shop or extended product information.

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LAGO automatically creates digital cross-links in online brochures

A special LAGO palette in InDesign allows users to create, manage and change overlay coordinates directly on the InDesign page. Gallery assets (images, videos, logos) and text for each product/offer are automatically exported along with the resulting JPEG/PDF and XML file. The LAGO Digital Output module can also be configured to fully automate the creation of overlay coordinates and gallery asset mapping.

  • Automatic and/or manual creation of overlay coordinates
  • Automatic generation of XML and JPEG/PDF for the selected page based on workflow status

The structured XML file contains the following information:

  • Project data fields and project data properties
  • Project data fields and project data properties of the variant of the project
  • Document details and assignment product/offer
  • Overlay coordinates with product/offer mapping
  • Product/offer information with attributes, prices and asset allocations
  • Automatic and manual assignment of assets and component texts linked to products/offers
  • Configurable export definition
  • Supports versioned and LAGO compressed pages
  • Output memory codes linked to project variants for downstream mapping
  • Special palette in InDesign for managing overlays, assets and main text

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In omnichannel content management, the topic of digital publishing is omnipresent, since a clean connection of all channels is indispensable. Above all, product information must not deviate in any channel in order to ensure a consistent and correct customer approach.


Cross-media publishing refers to the publishing of content in several media based on media-neutral data that is based on a single data source across all media. With increasing use of the Internet, the importance of digital publishing or cross-media publishing grew because website texts, online brochures and print media could be created automatically using a single source of data. This significantly streamlined the publishing process, reduced the frequency of errors and redundancy in data management.