A New Level of One-to-One Communication

With LAGO’s Direct Individualized Marketing (DIM) module, users can go beyond “One-to-Many” or “One-to-Few” communication—addressing relevant messages to qualified, individual customers and prospects. Our software enables you to combine customer and PIM data to create personalized message campaigns—in print, via email, or in HTML—efficiently and affordably.

Data Personalization Potential

  • Basic customer information (e.g., name, street, city)
  • Known customer preferences and purchase history
    Purchased and related product information and images (from PIM and DAM data sources)
  • Your LAGO library of templates for print (direct mail), email, and HTML landing pages
  • Cross-channel references from the printed page to digital pages or ecommerce sites, via image recognition or QR Codes

LAGO’s unique combination of data and marketing systems with template design systems for print and digital channels provides a cost-effective solution for direct, individualized marketing communication.

Comosot LAGO DIM Modul

The road to “One-to-One” is easier than you think

The road from “One-to-Many” to “One-to-One” is easier than you think. Pages already created with the LAGO variant model can easily be used as the basis for future personalized and custom print pages. Simply define an area on the pages to which individual products can be added. LAGO DIM then adds them to the page already created. With this process, you can also test customized pages with a select group of customers to gain additional insights and measure the results.

FAQ: One-to-One Communication

One-to-One communication is a part of direct marketing. In this marketing method, marketing measures are tailored to the individual customer. The information that forms the basis for tailor-made marketing is usually data that has already been collected in a CRM during the business relationship. This data includes very basic demographic factors such as age, gender and place of residence, but also statistics on recent purchases and information from the contact with customer service. The prerequisite for comprehensive one-to-one marketing is therefore the constant, albeit indirect, exchange of information about the customer and data storage automation.

The basis of successful one-to-one communication is a solid database. If there is sufficient data of customers or the target group in general stored within the company, software for individual advertising material production is a very efficient tool to address customers according to their preferences and needs. The targeted approach can then be made through various of your channels and their advertising media, such as personal newsletters, individual print products and landing pages, which are tailored precisely to a customer profile.

In general, almost all channels that allow a high degree of individualisation are suitable for one-to-one marketing. In most cases these are print publishing products (advertising brochures, flyers, catalogues, inserts etc.), especially those produced in digital printing, but of course also newsletters and landing pages. One of the biggest challenges in online retailing are abandoned carts, i.e. customers who have filled the shopping basket but not completed the purchase process. Besides follow-up e-mails and individualised landing pages, web-reaction print e-mails (see also web-to-print) offer great potential here in one-to-one marketing against the abandoned cart phenomenon. The “print” channel is also often used in the form of individualised catalogues as a source of inspiration for subsequent online or offline purchases (see also Print-to-Web).

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