Workflow management supports the efficient execution of your structured processes and tasks

Why is it worthwhile to establish a comprehensive workflow management?

Some processes in a company can be automated to save time and guarantee consistent quality. Often, these processes that need to be optimised and automated only become apparent when the topic of workflow management is addressed.

Many companies have to bring their products to market quickly and a well-structured process implementation helps them to shorten the time-to-market considerably. But why should one not rest on good workflow management, especially in retail?

A well-founded management of work processes and tasks in the retail industry also includes a well-coordinated orchestration of your software, for example, from a PIM and a DAM system, as well as a warehousing system with customised interfaces.

Marketing teams often need too much time to compile product information from different data sources, organise image material and prepare your products for the respective sales channels. Without a central system that connects your marketing staff and product management, you are always running behind the times. Leave your information islands and create an efficient, secure process. With LAGO Workflow, you connect all your departments from purchasing to product management to marketing. Features such as graphic page and shop planning, digital correction tools and evaluations give you planning security and an overview for the entire media production.

LAGO Workflow enables the creation of several individual workflows. The creation itself is done via an easy-to-understand graphical user interface in LAGO Admin. Each workflow can have an unlimited number of statuses representing stages and milestones within your production workflow. To ensure that tasks in a workflow are processed optimally, one or more roles can be assigned to each workflow status so that users who have that role(s) can perform actions. With LAGO Workflow, you automate your marketing processes to reach customers, whether B2B or B2C, faster and in a more targeted way.

LAGO Software Diagram - Infographic

The LAGO Workflow Management:

  • Enables precise control of authorisations and data access per user
  • Networks your teams through automatic distribution of tasks
  • Offers status-dependent permissions for your product data, documents or assets of your advertising material
  • Automatically notifies of new or overdue tasks in production
  • Enables evaluation and monitoring of your processes and production planning
  • Simplifies the redistribution of work tasks for fast workload balancing
  • Supports parallel web and print workflows
  • warns you of possible bottlenecks in your production

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Our custom development service offers you exclusive software, tailored to your needs

  • Short development cycles thanks to modern Scrum methodology
  • Creation of the best solution and incorporation of your feedback through early pre-deliveries
  • Version security
  • Developments possible at different levels of integration
  • A team with extensive experience in customised developments
  • We have been developing and producing exclusively in Germany since our founding
Entwicklungsleistungen maßgeschneidert auf Ihre Bedürfnisse

Frequently asked questions about the authorisation concept

An authorisation concept describes the rules that determine which users or user groups are granted access (in the form of a role and rights logic) to data of an IT system.

An authorisation concept in IT must first and foremost fit the company and the structures in the work processes. In addition, the role and rights logic must be dynamically adaptable, as users can take on other roles in the course of their development or gain and relinquish rights. In addition, authorisation concepts must be traceable and trackable in terms of data protection and IT security. In order to support an optimal workflow of the users, the authorisation concept must always be kept up to date and comprehensively cover the needs of the users.

The roles in such a concept can be structured more or less strongly depending on the organisation. In general, however, the roles are differentiated according to their authorisation to perform actions on data of the IT system.

Example of role logic:

  • Role 0: no authorisations
  • Role 1: Read data
  • Role 2: Create data
  • Role 3: Create, change and delete data
  • Role 4: Full access to all data

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    We rely heavily on LAGO from Comosoft for an extremely efficient page creation process. With the seamless integration between soft proofing and production workflow, LAGO’s user interface simply has an advantage over all other providers. We particularly appreciate the configurability, which allows us to tailor everything to our needs. Our customers in the retail industry are constantly expecting greater efficiency – with LAGO, we are able to deliver it.
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    Versioning makes a big impact at PureRED in the USA

    Comosoft’s flagship LAGO saves time and money by combining creative production software with web-based tools for planning and managing print and digital marketing projects in a single system.

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