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Connect Your Data with e-commerce

Your product data and the world of e-commerce are both essential to your success, but too often they occupy separate information silos. Great effort (and cost) is involved in keeping your internal and external e-commerce offerings current, especially if your PIM is updated regularly.

Fortunately, Comosoft LAGO lets you organize your content centrally and avoid a common source of errors in multichannel marketing: redundant data. With LAGO, you can:

Catalog & Flyer Design Review & Approval Management Software - LAGO
  • Automatically update descriptions and pricing data in all e-commerce channels by updating them in the PIM system

  • Make product information accessible to every team by using a central data source

  • Easily and securely preview the display of product content via the Web

  • Link your sales channels to your PIM data source and automatically populate online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay

  • Avoid redundant work tasks and retain control over your data

We quickly discovered that Comosoft was a competent and far-sighted partner. Close and cooperative collaboration is at the core of the success of a PIM implementation.

Grit Marlow-Buchholz, Zitra


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