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Increase Traffic to Your Store

Flyers and circulars (printed or digital) are the lifeblood of a lifestyle design/fashion store. The larger the retailer and its inventory of consumer products, the more it needs to reach consumers with in-store incentives and offers. The challenge: how to produce versioned catalogs that are both compelling AND accurate, using SKU data to promote high-margin products across multiple regions and markets.

Comosoft LAGO is the best retail flyer/circular builder on the planet-period.

Choose LAGO for easy management of your circular flyer or catalog design for your retail business

LAGO is a complete management and production system for both print and online production. It provides powerful tools to:

  • Optimize the production of printed catalogs and flyers -including versioning by region, language, and demographics

  • Enable planning by category managers, via an online whiteboarding process

  • Collaborate across multiple departments in the planning, design, and review/approval process

  • Achieve up to 60% reduction in labor costs

  • Shorten time-to-market by up to 30% (update your data automatically, even at the last minute)

LAGO supports your marketing efforts with enterprise-level data and retail media production tools. These include digital correction loops, offer validation, automated article exchange, and standardized production workflows. We also help you integrate manufacturer and supplier data – an essential step in the information supply chain.

We don’t just sell and install your system. Our experts fully support you in using LAGO to communicate with your consumers across multiple channels.


Interested in how to reduce the effort and time spent on your catalog or flyer production? See how we can help!

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