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Help Others Find What You Make

Whatever the size of your manufacturing operation, you create many parts and products for your co-manufacturing and sales partners. It can get complicated in a hurry. If they can’t easily find what you make, they may turn to your competitor. Accurate, timely, and well-designed parts catalogs and fact sheets are critical. No matter how complex your parts and products may be – or how many hundreds of pages your catalogs and price lists require – you need a way to turn complex PIM data into clear communication.

Enter Comosoft LAGO, a comprehensive tool kit for creating clear, multichannel (print and digital) communication for manufacturer’s catalogs and other business collateral. With LAGO, you can:

Catalog & Flyer Design Review & Approval Management Software - LAGO
  • Keep your multilingual product data and assets in a media-neutral, centralized source – for immediate use in print or digital channels

  • Automate the production of well-organized product brochures and catalogs on demand

  • Utilize data from any ERP or PIM system to communicate effectively with your customers

  • Achieve up to 60% reduction in labor costs

  • Shorten time-to-market by up to 30% (update your data automatically, even at the last minute)

Complex products are not a problem. LAGO allows you to import data – including all size and price variations, multilingual descriptions, and other critical information – into well-designed InDesign templates. You can output to print-ready PDF or to digital media, so your partners are never without up-to-the-minute information on your manufactured goods.


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