LAGO makes concept to production effortless

Your company has an abundance of product data. Your company also needs to connect with customers on a deeply personal, individualized basis. Successfully connecting these two “dots” is a formidable challenge for any brand. Comosoft LAGO is the answer.

LAGO consolidates your data, from multiple sources (PIM, DAM, DIM, other systems), to ensure it is accurate, up-to-date, and media-neutral. It then lets you plan and execute complex marketing campaigns, including versioned catalogs and other complex, digitally distributed or printed marketing collateral, online sales apps, and coordinated social media channels. LAGO automates tasks involving complex data handling, speeds up time-to-market, and lowers your costs.

Whether you are building a multichannel marketing presence from scratch or augmenting your existing IT systems, LAGO will help you master your data universe, organize and link your sales and marketing channels, and drive down the cost of connecting with your customers.

25 Years and Counting

Since 1994, Comosoft has provided retailers, business product suppliers, and agencies with the ability to automate and reduce the cost of producing print and digital marketing collateral.

Used by over 4,000 marketing and production professionals, Comosoft’s LAGO software simplifies your marketing production workflows. LAGO integrates SKU data, digital assets, and design templates to create visually compelling pages – that meet your marketing needs.

We rely on the LAGO system for its highly efficient page-building process. Our retail clients expect greater efficiency and we’re more than happy to be able to deliver it.

Director of Advertising Technologies, PureRed


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