LAGO makes concept to production effortless

Catalog makers are complicated. Whether your catalog is in print or online (or both), it’s hard to turn a vast database of product SKUs and images into a stunning digital catalog effective for your retail store, fasion/lifestyle brand, or business.

LAGO from Comosoft is the best product catalog builder on the planet – period. Our system is a complete catalog management system for both print and online production.

LAGO is perfect for

  • Catalog Designers

  • Web & Print Production Staff

  • Product Line Managers

  • Marketing & Sales Professionals

  • IT Support Professionals

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The Designer’s Dilemma

By |March 18th, 2020|

Finding Time to Actually Design While Working On Data-Intensive Projects - Designers have more to do than hunt for images and product information. But when their printed and online designs involve complex data, they need tools to stay productive.


Interested in how to reduce the effort and time spent on your catalog or flyer production? See how we can help!

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