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LAGO makes concept to production effortless

Flyers and circulars (printed or digital) are the lifeblood of a retail chain. The larger the retailer and its inventory of consumer products, the more it needs to reach consumers with in-store incentives and offers. The challenge: how to produce flyers that are both compelling AND accurate, using SKU data to promote high-margin products across multiple regions and markets.

LAGO from Comosoft is the best retail circular production software on the planet – period. Ours is a complete management and production system for both print and online production.

LAGO is perfect for

  • Page Designers

  • Web & Print Production Staff

  • Product Line Managers

  • Marketing & Sales Professionals

  • IT Support Professionals

Retail Circular Production Insights from Comosoft

4,000+ professionals use LAGO to simplify their marketing production workflows and multichannel marketing activities.

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Home Depot uses LAGO
Kroger uses LAGO
Raja uses LAGO
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Giant Eagle uses LAGO
Ahold Delhaize uses LAGO
PureRED uses LAGO


Interested in how to reduce the effort and time spent on your catalog or flyer production? See how we can help!

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