LAGO makes concept to production effortless

Flyers and circulars (printed or digital) are the lifeblood of a retail chain. The larger the retailer and its inventory of consumer products, the more it needs to reach consumers with in-store incentives and offers. The challenge: how to produce flyers that are both compelling AND accurate, using SKU data to promote high-margin products across multiple regions and markets.

LAGO from Comosoft is the best retail flyer/circular builder on the planet – period. Ours is a complete management and production system for both print and online production.

LAGO is perfect for

  • Page Designers

  • Web & Print Production Staff

  • Product Line Managers

  • Marketing & Sales Professionals

  • IT Support Professionals


Interested in how to reduce the effort and time spent on your catalog or flyer production? See how we can help!