Digitally Produce your Catalogs & Ad Circulars

The LAGO Digital Output is an extended channel feature set designed to manage and output content for the publication of online interactive digital circulars and digital catalogs. This module generates JPEGs or PDFs of LAGO InDesign pages along with an accompanying XML file that contains hotspot overlay coordinate information as well as information on the project, its‘ variants, and product/offer details.

Calculation of Necessary Variants

A dedicated palette in InDesign enables users to create, manage and modify hotspot overlay coordinates directly on the InDesign page. Gallery assets (images, videos, logos), and text for each product/offer are automatically exported along with the resulting JPEG/PDF and XML file. The LAGO Digital Output module can also be configured to fully automate the creation of hotspot overlay coordinates and assignment of gallery assets.

LAGO Systems Integration for Streamlined Multichannel Marketing Production
  • Automatic and/or manual creation of hotspot overlay coordinates
  • Automatic generation of XML and JPEG/PDF for the selected page based on workflow status
  • Structured XML file contains the following information:
    • Project data fields/properties
    • Project variant data fields/properties
    • Document details and product/offer assignment
    • Hotspot overlay coordinates with product/offer association
    • Product/Offer information with attributes, prices, and asset assignments
  • Automatic and manual assignment of gallery assets and component text associated with products/offers
  • Configurable export definition (which data fields should be part of Digital Output’s XML
  • Supports versioned and LAGO compressed pages
  • Output store codes associated to project variants for downstream mapping
  • Dedicated palette in InDesign for overlay, gallery asset, and main text management


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