Realizing the Power of Print

The printed page has a proven, positive effect with your customers. Many scientific studies have shown that the tactile experience of reading on paper promotes greater comprehension and recall, as well as a more positive response to the brand. Catalogers know that print influences greater sales and higher levels of customer loyalty than online media alone.

The Challenge: Production Costs

Complex print catalogs involve multiple elements on every page – product names, images, sizes, prices, and much more. It takes many hours of a designer’s time to gather and place these elements in a pleasing visual layout. Critical data from PIM or DAM systems are always in flux – right up to the moment of printing. And if the catalog involves multiple regional, demographic, or language versions, design and production costs can explode.

LAGO software solves this problem. As a pioneer in database publishing, we know how to connect PIM and DAM data sources with InDesign-based production and the needs of marketing and brand management. We optimize the entire print production process for complex, data-intensive publications.

The LAGO plugin for Adobe InDesign gives designers and production professionals the power to create compelling, data-intensive pages for print on a vast scale, but at a controlled cost.

  • Live, bi-directional link to PIM and DAM systems from the InDesign page (automatic updates)
  • Dynamic placeholders (page planning)
  • Planning and evaluation tools (including business and marketing data)
  • Automated, template-based page creation
  • Import pre-designed “blocks” of product-specific content
  • Automatic generation of complex tables
  • Version management
  • Batch printing and automated export of pages and media to print service providers
InDesign Plugin Catalog & Flyer Design Software - LAGO

The Versioning Dilemma

LAGO also gives print production departments the ability to create multiple versions of a catalog or flyer – easily and cost-effectively. Products specific to a particular region or demographic can be placed automatically in a standard InDesign layout, giving the catalog or flyer professional the ability to design once but repurpose multiple times – to meet the company’s marketing needs.

1) Campaign Planning

Page & layout planning for marketing

2) Asset Management

Allocation of products and/or offers to the page

3) Production Process

Page layout & design management

4) Proofing Process

Manage who and how corrections are made

5) Approval Process

Easily manage approval of production from anywhere

6) Production Output

Easily generate digital & print production pieces


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