How you can benefit from digital asset management?

Simply stated: a Digital Asset Management System (DAM) is your company’s software solution to preserving, cataloging, sharing, and storing the digital assets your company needs to function. Digital assets are the photo, document, video, music, and other media formats your company uses for marketing or other promotional methods. These files are generated at an enormous rate as your employees work, so making sure you have adequate capacity and a proper cataloging method is critical to the success of your business.

5 Critical Aspects to Your Success Using a DAM System:

  • Consolidate digital asset management into one repository

  • Distribute assets to team members through a central platform

  • Automate cataloging of assets to increase efficiency

  • Ensure proper usage of brand materials and guidelines

  • Preserve critical data from loss or isolation on employee’s device

Media Asset Management Platform from LAGO

Who needs a DAM System?

Creatives: Your designers, photographers, videographers, and art directors can utilize one system to manage their digital assets enabling a more efficient and collaborative workflow between your creative, marketing, and sales teams. You creatives can now focus on what they do best: create – instead of searching for the linked image or fulfilling a request for assets to be sent over.

Marketing: Unleash the power of your marketing team to do what they do best for your brand: market! Marketing professionals spend untold hours searching for the most current image, or else give up and create new images to use in print and digital campaigns. With a central repository of creative files, marketers (and sales) can search for the content they need for their campaigns, product launches, social media posts, and more without having to bug the creative team for the latest version of that photo. They can easily share these assets with outside collaborators, retailers, and agencies to increase the capacity of their team and ensure your brand’s materials are properly distributed.

Where LAGO Helps You Succeed

Comosoft’s LAGO DAM solution is a powerful, practical, media-neutral repository for all your valuable digital files, product images, and videos. Using a comprehensive, standards-compliant approach to metadata, LAGO easily imports and maintains product-specific assets in a secure, central location enabling users to be more collaborative and productive.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Platform from LAGO
Digital Asset Management (DAM) System from LAGO

Users access your digital assets via any web browser – eliminating the need for requests and asset silo. Image selection and collaborative workflow tools are integrated with the LAGO multichannel production system to create compelling print and digital marketing communication. When assets are updated or replaced, the DAM automatically substitutes the right image in any active media campaign. Digital and branded assets can be tracked in the LAGO DAM system ensuring effective marketing and creative brand management.

The LAGO DAM is easily integrated with other, mission-critical systems, including the LAGO PIM system or an existing, third-party PIM. We work with your team to help them understand and benefit from new, efficient, clearly-defined tasks and workflows. Our goal is not just an elegant IT solution; for more than 25 years we have worked to optimize product information and workflow efficiencies in every business situation, no matter what system you currently have.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) System from LAGO

LAGO Digital Asset Management Advantages

Centralized Storage

Centralize the storage of your digital assets ensuring your teams can access and utilize your brand’s files correctly and consistently.

Internal Distribution

Requesting and waiting for assets can interrupt production progress and affect schedules.

External Collaboration

Share your brand’s assets easily with outside collaborators to ensure the look and feel of your brand.

Just some of LAGO DAM’s Features
  • Manage digital asset files and meta data

  • Access to digital assets from every LAGO application and InDesign plugin

  • Use LAGO web client to create download carts for external collaboration

  • Quick, multi-factor digital asset search engine

  • Full text search within metadata

  • Access to LAGO DAM using LAGO API

  • Assign assets to objects and structured asset types

  • Create custom metadata attributes for asset types

  • Assign keywords to digital assets

  • Control visibility and editability of assets based on user roles

  • Restrict usability of assets by date

  • Use LAGO Workflow for asset approval workflow management

  • Automatic quality check during single or bulk asset import

  • Asset check-in/out process for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and others

  • Automatic asset derivative upon export to downstream systems

  • Automatic creation of low-resolution preview files for layout creation

  • Supports XMP/EXIF metadata

  • Supports all relevant image formats

  • Supports Microsoft Office Documents

  • Supports audio and video files

  • And much more!


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