The LAGO DAM system is a powerful, practical, media-neutral repository for all your valuable product images and videos.

Humans respond well to visual images, whether still or in motion. Photos, illustrations, and videos convey emotion as well as information, helping people make a purchase decision. The challenge – too many images and too little organization – is addressed by technology known as Digital Asset Management (DAM) or, sometimes, Marketing Asset Management (MAM).

The problem for most companies is that their digital assets are scattered across multiple systems – even on individual PCs or portable drives – with no consistent connection to the products they depict. Marketing professionals spend untold hours searching for the most current image, or else give up and create new images to use in print and digital campaigns. Even when a digital asset management software is used, it is difficult to maintain and often lacks vital connections to other business systems.

Comosoft has the solution

Comosoft’s LAGO DAM solution is a powerful, practical, media-neutral repository for all your valuable digital files, product images, and videos. Using a comprehensive, standards-compliant approach to metadata, LAGO easily imports and maintains product-specific assets in a secure, central location enabling users to be more collaborative and productive.

Users can easily find the latest version of a particular asset and use it and others to generate campaign output for print or digital media. When assets are updated or replaced, the DAM automatically substitutes the right image in any active media campaign. Digital and branded assets can be tracked in the LAGO system ensuring effective marketing and creative brand management.

Users access the assets via any web browser, verifying the temporal or legal validity of each asset and easily checking its quality and processing status. Image selection and collaborative workflow tools are integrated with the LAGO multichannel production system to create compelling print and digital marketing communication.

The LAGO DAM is also easily integrated with other, mission-critical systems, including the LAGO PIM system or an existing, third-party PIM. Our consultants are experienced in connecting LAGO and other mission-critical systems in a way that reduces your time-to-market and optimizes the cost-effectiveness of your marketing.

Do you have an existing Digital and Media Asset Management (MAM/DAM) or Product Information Management (PIM) system? No worries!

We can integrate LAGO into your existing systems, data model, and your processes, while preserving the value of your investment.

We also work with your people to help them understand and benefit from new, efficient, clearly-defined tasks and workflows. Our goal is not just an elegant IT solution; for more than 25 years we have worked to optimize product information and workflow efficiencies in every business situation, no matter what system you currently have. Learn More


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