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What is a PIM System?

A Product Information Management or PIM system is a software solution for businesses with complexities and challenges in managing marketing data for their products such as: Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), identifiers, titles, descriptions, images, pricing, quantities, and much, much more.

Now, multiply that complexity by the total number of SKUs and product variations – which can easily be thousands or more.

To make things even more challenging, PIM data is often imported from manufacturers and other sources, none of which may be using the same metadata approach. Your IT staff may spend too many hours reconciling differences and filling in missing data. When multiple business systems rely on accurate PIM data, having the right solution becomes truly mission-critical.

LAGO Software Solutions Streamline SKU & Asset Management

The LAGO PIM handles these challenges with ease, helping your company take control of complex product data and making it work for your business. We centralize the article and price data, as well as text and links to related images and video, and provide an efficient workflow for importing and reconciling data from outside sources. Once collected in the LAGO PIM, your data are media-neutral – available for marketing and sales campaigns using both print and digital channels. We also connect the PIM to your external systems, such as sales, inventory management, conventional distribution, and e-commerce, so that the right people know what you have and how to sell it.

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Do you have an existing PIM system? No worries!

We can integrate LAGO into your existing systems, data model, and your processes, while preserving the value of your investment.

We also work with your people to help them understand and benefit from new, efficient, clearly-defined tasks and workflows. Our goal is not just an elegant IT solution; for more than 25 years we have worked to optimize product information and workflow efficiencies in every business situation, no matter what system you currently have. Learn More


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