Retailers and business suppliers with large inventories have a unique problem: too much information. The solution is a Product Information Management (PIM) system to keep track of the myriad details of each SKU. While that works for inventory management, it can be a big problem for catalogs and retail flyers/circulars.

Catalogs are complicated. It’s hard to turn a vast database of product SKUs and images into a compelling, effective catalog. Fortunately, Comosoft LAGO makes that connection—automatically. It’s a complete catalog management system for both print and online production, with powerful tools for:

• Page Designers
• Web & Print Production Staff
• Individual & Group Product Line Managers
• Marketing & Sales Professionals
• IT Support Professionals

LAGO manages complex product data from a PIM and turns it into effective catalog pages—automatically. It also features:

Integrated InDesign workflow—giving designers creative autonomy, accountability, AND greater efficiency with complex, SKU-based layouts.

„Powerful PIM integration—turning complex product data into well-designed circular/flyer pages, quickly and efficiently.

Complex „Versioning—no matter how many languages or regional variations your circulars/flyers require.

„Sales, Inventory, and MAM integration—LAGO lets your circular/flyer staff prioritize items with high margins, excess inventory, or high marketing priority.

To learn more about how LAGO can work with your PIM to optimize catalog production, schedule a call (or a demo) with your Comosoft representative.

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