Creating a great catalog or circular/flyer is a challenge for any retailer or business supplier. There’s so much to do! But when you need different versions—by region, by pricing tier, or even by country or language—things break down in a hurry.

You need a system that can handle the complexity of catalog and circular/flyer production—AND generate multiple versions, accurately and automatically.

Comosoft LAGO is the answer. It is the best multichannel builder on the planet—a complete management and production system, with powerful tools for:

• Page Designers
• Production Specialists
• Product Line Managers
• Marketing & Sales Managers
• IT Support Staff

Integrated InDesign workflow—giving designers creative autonomy, accountability, AND greater efficiency with complex, SKU-based layouts.

„Powerful PIM integration—turning complex product data into well-designed catalog 0r circular/flyer pages, quickly and efficiently.

„Sales, Inventory, and MAM integration—LAGO lets your catalog and circular/flyer staff prioritize items with high margins, excess inventory, or high marketing priority.

To learn more about how LAGO can make worries about versioning a thing of the past, schedule a call (or a demo) with your Comosoft representative.

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